CALL NOW! West Virginia Sunday Hunting Bill Moving

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Take Action Today! West Virginia sportsmen should contact their state delegate and ask them to vote YES on Senate Bill 345. Sunday hunting on private land will bring better opportunities for hunting, as well as be an added benefit to the hunting economy. Currently SB 345 will move to the House Floor for a vote. West Virginia members can find their delegate by using the Sportsmen’s Alliance’s Legislative Action Center.

Members of the West Virginia House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee and House Judiciary Committee have recommended Senate legislation that would allow hunting on Sundays on private lands. Senate Bill 345, sponsored by Sen. Mark R. Maynard (R-Genoa), passed the Senate on March 1 by a vote of 26-6. Currently, Sunday hunting is prohibited on public land, however counties may hold referenda to allow it on private lands in their jurisdictions. Thirty-three of West Virginia’s 55 counties permit Sunday hunting on private land. SB 345 would make the law regarding hunting on private land uniform across the state. The bill was also amended to allow trapping to take place on private lands on Sunday.

Many sportsmen and women work six days a week, and have difficulty finding time to get into the woods for hunting. Allowing hunting on Sundays will provide both a boon to local economies and help keep hunters active in the future. The additional day of hunting is expected to pump $9 million in to the economy, and $600,000 into conservation funding.    

“Opening up more days of hunting is a win-win.  It’s great for hunting families. It’s great for the economy and for conservation as hunters spend heavily on travel, ammunition and more.” said Luke Houghton associate director of state services.

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