Animal Rights Terrorist Goes to Jail

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The founder of the militant “Negotiation is Over” animal rights website, Camille Marino, was recently sentenced to six months in jail in Michigan for harassing a university professor and trespassing on university property. According to Americans for Medical Progress, Marino was being held in jail for harassing a Wayne State University professor by posting his name and address on her radical website. That professor received threats as a result of Marino’s actions, and he obtained a personal protection court order against Marino.

As a result of the order, Marino was also banned from the University where the professor worked. She, however, was later arrested when she went there and chained herself to the University’s library front door to protest the court order. As part of her sentence, she is to cease making any mention of the professor at any time—and she has been ordered not to incite others to harass him or interfere with his medical research.

Marino, a Florida resident, faces similar charges in New Mexico involving yet another university professor and his research project. Both professors were using animals in their research lab projects, a situation that Marino opposes. For more information, visit