Bowhunters Again Under Attack by PETA

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Grab your calendars and turn them back about 20 years, and then you’ll see today’s PETA—a radical animal rights group that continues to oppose bowhunting. PETA has again turned its ire on the bowhunting community. In the small, quaint town of Avon Lake, Ohio, the city council will soon permit bowhunting to help reduce nuisance deer and control population numbers. PETA, however, is trying to overwhelm the town with hatred by its uneducated members.

The Avon Lake City Council recently released full details of its planned deer herd-reduction bowhunt.  You can read the details at: The project is following guidelines of Ohio’s Department of Natural Resources, and will also be assisted by a local Gander Mountain store in qualifying bowhunters.

According to PETA’s attack on the proposal and bowhunting:

“Bowhunting is among the cruelest forms of hunting. Bowhunters often spend hours following bloody tracks before finding wounded deer. Many are not found, and their deaths are slow and painful. It can take weeks for them to succumb to their injuries. Families are then torn apart, and young and weak animals starve or die of dehydration.”

PETA then asks its minions to call and write the mayor and all council members and flood them with hate mail. The real question is why does loud and radical PETA believe it has the right to control quaint and quiet Avon Lake?