Vote on Bills Banning Trapping, Coyote Tournaments Imminent in New Mexico

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Take Action Today!  New Mexico sportsmen and women should attend the hearing, show their opposition to these misguided proposals. Additionally, sportsmen should call their State Senator and ask them to vote NO on SB 286 and SB 268. Use the Sportsmen’s Alliance’s Legislative Action Center to get your State Senator’s phone number.

Now is the time for New Mexico sportsmen to call their State Senators as a New Mexico Senate panel could vote on legislation that would ban all trapping on public land and ban coyote tournaments. On Thursday Feb. 16, the Senate Conservation Committee will hold hearings on Senate Bill 286, sponsored by New Mexico Sen. Pete Campos, and Senate Bill 268, sponsored by Sen. Jeff Steinborn.

Senate Bill 286 stops anyone, whether it’s an individual or a public entity, from trapping on all public ground, a serious concern since nearly half of New Mexico is public land. In addition to banning trapping by law-abiding sportsmen, SB 286 severely hampers the state’s ability to manage many furbearing and predatory species to protect the public and other wildlife.

Senate Bill 268 would ban coyote tournaments, which are an effective means of controlling their population. Coyotes easily adapt to different environments and are prevalent in and around large population areas, and are also a concern for livestock ranchers. SB 268 would make participating or organizing a coyote contest a criminal offense.

Unfortunately, both bills are scheduled to be heard before the Senate Conservation Committee on Thursday Feb. 16 at 8 a.m. in room 311 at the New Mexico State Capitol building. Votes could be taken on either bill. 

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