School Animal Rights Propaganda Bill Introduced in Connecticut

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In addition to the deluge of gun control legislation being deliberated in the Connecticut General Assembly, an equally insidious proposal has quietly been introduced into the state’s House of Representatives.  House Bill 5024 “permits local or regional boards of education to offer humane education courses and use curriculum’s developed by the Humane Society, ASPCA or other animal welfare organizations.”

Allowing animal rights groups such as the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) or the ASPCA to have direct access to children during their formative years may ensure a future adult population that will be pre-disposed to oppose legitimate uses of animals including livestock farming, veterinary practices, lifesaving research on animals, and of course, hunting, trapping and fishing.

The bill is all the more dangerous given how the public confuses HSUS with the good work accomplished by many local humane societies.  HSUS’ main focus is to eliminate the use of animals in society.  The ASPCA, which is involved in animal shelters, advocates for over-reaching bills that would eliminate law abiding dog breeders, opposes trapping, and many forms of hunting.

While not the first time such a bill has been introduced it should serve as a wakeup call for sportsmen who, while understandably are concerned about gun control legislation, also need to keep a watchful eye on bills that could change the outdoor heritage culture of the United States for future generations.

Take Action! Connecticut sportsmen and women should contact their state representatives and ask them to oppose House Bill 5024.  Tell them the schools should focus on the three R’s (reading, writing, ‘arithmetic) and shut out blatant attempts by animal rights groups to brainwash our children.

To find your state representative’s contact information – visit the USSA Legislative Action Center.