Vegan HSUS Agenda Revealed

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If you wonder to yourself why the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) spends millions of dollars fighting farms, eradicating eggs, howling about hogs, and heckling some of the nation’s top food chains over their menus—then wonder no more.

HSUS wants everyone in America and on Earth to be vegans.

The proof is in Wayne Pacelle’s, HSUS CEO, recent blog. Pacelle snorts that he’s upset because a recent meeting of the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization would not permit him to present his meatless manifesto—or totally vegan agenda—before the group. Pacelle claims meat is responsible for environmental problems on Earth, climate change, and nearly anything he can point to and blame. Pacelle squawks that his meatless manifesto should have been at the top of the international sustainable development conference section of the United Nation’s list.

Then Pacelle goes on to rail against meat, eggs, and milk. Next, he blasts farming as irresponsible and credits farming with water shortages, poverty and other woes. Odd, but the HSUS has been forcing their animal rights programs on farms for years.  But in all this anti-meat mean mouthing, the table is set for the ultimate HSUS endeavor—fund raising. Yes, Pacelle asks readers and followers for funds to further this vegan agenda.

According to Pacelle: “From our perspective, climate change is an animal welfare issue as much as an environmental one, and it’s an increasingly important focus of work for both The HSUS and Humane Society International. Rising meat consumption is also a significant driver of factory farming, which threatens food security (especially for the poor), water security, public health, and the sustainability of rural communities.”

Finally the HSUS followers are encouraged to sign up for a HSUS weekly vegan newsletter. Oops, Pacelle forgot to mention that HSUS has bought shares of Hardees, McDonald’s Wendy’s and other type restaurants where diners enjoy MEAT-based dishes and sandwiches.

And you just thought HSUS was opposed to factory farms and hunting. Think again—and tell at least 10 other folks this week about the HSUS vegan agenda.