Interested in working for the leading organization behind defending your outdoor heritage? See what positions are available at Sportsmen’s Alliance below.

Curriculum Sales Director
We are seeking a mission-motivated and professionally experienced Curriculum Sales Director (CSD) to capitalize on early interest in this new curriculum at the local and state-levels by successfully selling-in early adopters while building out a regional and eventually national sales model. Ideally, we expect best qualified candidates to come from either a strong curriculum sales background or have significant experience at the decision-making level in local or state school systems. Keep reading.

Social Media Specialist
Are you passionate about hunting and fishing? Are you tired of hunting getting an unfair shake in the media? Do you want to keep the animal-rights movement from destroying hunting? AND … are you willing to put your name on the line and square off publicly with people who hate hunting (and probably you) in order to protect it? If so, keep reading.