A Clean Gun is a Ready Gun

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Whether you shoot often or occasionally, the fact is that most firearms operate more smoothly and dependably when cleaned and cared for properly. The bad news is that if you’ve ever spoken to other shooters, you know that there are as many theories on gun cleaning and care as there are types of firearms and ammunitions. To say this information is confusing and overwhelming is an understatement. Now, you have better information available.

The staff at Otis Technology has developed a series of videos that can guide you through proper care and cleaning of nearly any type of firearm. You’ll find more than a dozen guidance videos, plus another section with useful gun cleaning tips. Another series of videos helps solve the mystery of cleaning patches—and which ones to use in your next firearm cleaning chore. This is one series of videos that nearly everyone who pulls a trigger will benefit from watching.

Of course no gun cleaning projects should be undertaken without first knowing the rules of gun safety. You should also look for the section on product discounts. Saving money means more dollars to buy more ammunition—and shoot more often. And if you need more reason to buy a new shotgun or rifle, some stores and gun shops are having sales now as hunters think about hunting  gobblers with a scattergun or are make plans for a summer varmint hunt with a rifle.