ALERT! Apprentice Hunting Bills Introduced In Hawaii

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Take Action Today! Hawaii sportsmen and women should contact their state legislators and ask them to vote YES on House Bill 1970 and Senate Bill 2844. Hawaii members can contact their state legislators by using the Sportsmen’s Alliance Legislative Action Center.

In Hawaii, HB 1970, sponsored by Rep. Dee Morikawa (D-16), would establish an apprentice hunting license for new hunters 10 years of age or older. Apprentice licenses allow a newcomer to try hunting under the supervision of an experienced hunter prior to the completion of a hunter education course.

This try-before-you-buy method of hunting has been enacted across the country, and has been a safe and effective means of recruiting new hunters. If passed, Hawaii would become the 41st state to pass apprentice hunting legislation.

House Bill 1970 has passed the House Water & Land Committee by a vote of 7-0, and will be assigned to either the House Judiciary or House Finance committee before heading to the full House floor for a vote. Companion legislation has also been introduced in the Senate, SB 2844, sponsored by Sen. Ronald Kouchi (D-8) is pending in the Senate Committee on Water and Land.

“Apprentice hunting is an incredibly effective way to train new hunters safely, while giving them an opportunity to experience hunting first hand,” said Luke Houghton, Sportsmen’s Alliance associate director of state services. “This bill will give Hawaii another tool to help recruit new hunters.”

Since 2006, laws permitting apprentice hunting opportunities have been enacted in 40 states as a result of Families Afield, a program created by the Sportsmen’s Alliance, National Shooting Sports Foundation, and National Wild Turkey Federation, and supported by the National Rifle Association and Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation. Research has demonstrated that the apprentice hunter is the safest hunter in the field.  Apprentice hunting has been proven to be an extremely effective method to introducing newcomers, especially women and girls to hunting.  Since 2006, more than 1.9 million apprentice hunting licenses have been sold as a result of Families Afield.

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