ALERT! Sunday Hunting Hearing in Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania hunters need to contact their Senator immediately to ask them to vote for Senate Bill 147 to allow the game commission to permit Sunday hunting. Please ask your Senator to reject attempts to water the bill down by only allowing three Sundays. Let them know that hunting seasons, including on Sundays, should be set by the game commission. Sportsmen can contact their state senators by using the Sportsmen’s Alliance Legislative Action Center.

Pennsylvania Sen. Laughlin (R-Erie) has introduced legislation that would finally lift the ban on Sunday hunting in the state. Senate Bill 147 would eliminate the legislative prohibition on Sundays, clearing the way for the Pennsylvania Game Commission to decide which Sundays make the most sense. The bill, which also increases penalties for trespassing, has been referred to the Senate Game and Fisheries Committee, which will meet at 9:30 AM tomorrow, Feb.  5, to vote on the bill.

Pennsylvania is one of only three states (Maine, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania) that have a near-total ban on hunting on Sunday. All of Pennsylvania’s neighboring states allow Sunday hunting (Maryland, New York, Ohio and West Virginia). Virginia repealed its Sunday hunting ban in 2014. The Sportsmen’s Alliance has been coordinating with the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and Hunters United for Sunday Hunting (HUSH) on a campaign to lift the ban. 

In addition to the opportunity for sportsmen, an economic analysis commissioned by NSSF revealed that opening Sundays would create an annual impact of nearly $1 billion per year to Pennsylvania. Despite this incredible impact, opponents of Sunday hunting are working to amend the bill to limit it to only three Sundays each year, instead of allowing the state game commission to make this decision. This would tie the game commission’s hands, removing the flexibility to open the Sundays that make the most sense for proper wildlife and habitat management.   

“It is beyond time to repeal Pennsylvania’s antiquated and unnecessary ban on Sunday hunting,” said Bruce Tague, Sportsmen’s Alliance Vice President of Government Affairs. “This is an easy decision, the legislature would be wise to remove the prohibition, giving landowners and farmers more control over their properties, while adding additional days of opportunity for sportsmen. It’s a win-win.” 

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