ALERT! West Virginia Governor Temporarily Halts Controlled Deer Hunt

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Take Action Today! West Virginia sportsmen should contact Gov. Jim Justice immediately and ask him to support West Virginia hunters and the controlled hunt in Chief Logan State Park. West Virginia members can contact Governor Justice’s office via phone at 304-558-2000 or at

On June 1, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice temporarily halted plans for a controlled deer hunt in Chief Logan State Park. The West Virginia Natural Resources Commission approved the limited hunt in the state park, located just 50 miles south of the state capitol of Charleston, on April 22. Since then, anti-hunting groups have pressured Gov. Justice, resulting in his directive to the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources to study the issue more.

“I have become aware of concerns being voiced in Logan County as it pertains to this limited hunting proposal for Chief Logan State Park and I have asked DNR Director Stephen McDaniel to do further study on both sides of this issue and report back to me within 30 days,” Gov. Justice. “I am an avid outdoorsman and I want to be sure the DNR has looked at every facet of this, get all the facts and scientific research and then present it to me for consideration. We want to make a decision that balances the interests of all sides.”

Gov. Justice’s decision turns what had previously been a decision based on sound science in the best interest of the park’s habitat, and turned it into a 30-day barrage of pressure from those who oppose hunting. It is essential that sportsmen contact their elected officials to show support for the hunt, and the scientific management of wildlife in West Virginia. It’s essential that Gov. Justice is not led to believe that there is more opposition to the hunt than support.

“Gov. Justice should trust the professionals in his own Division of Natural Resources that have served the public and sportsmen and women for decades,” said Luke Houghton, associate director of state services. “While his decision to halt plans for the hunt is disappointing, we are hopeful that he will be convinced to move forward with the hunt once he sees the evidence provided by his own professional staff.”

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