Bills Moving in Iowa, West Virginia, Mississippi

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Iowa Muzzleloaders
Iowa House File 2058, sponsored by Rep. Todd Prichard (D- Charles City), lowers the caliber restrictions for muzzleloading firearms from .44 caliber to .30 caliber during deer season. Currently HF 2058 is in the House Natural Resources Committee where it is waiting to be heard.

Mississippi Deer & Turkey Reporting
Mississippi Senate Bill 2922, sponsored by Sen. Angela Burks Hill (R- Picayune), would require a mandatory harvest reporting for deer and turkey within 72 hours of taking the animal. Currently deer and turkey harvest reporting is voluntary in Mississippi. SB 2922 has cleared committee and will head to the senate floor for a vote.

West Virginia Deer Retrieval Using Hounds
In West Virginia, Senate Bill 30 sponsored by Sen. Mark R. Maynard (R- Genoa), would allow for leashed dogs to track mortally wounded deer, resulting in higher retrieval rates for deer hunters. Current law does not allow for dogs to be present when tracking deer. SB 30 is in the Senate Judiciary Committee.