BREAKING! Oregon Coyote Contest Bill Gets Hearing In House Rules

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Legislation in Oregon that would outlaw coyote contests will receive a hearing before a key House committee on June 18 at 8 a.m. at the capitol building. The Sportsmen’s Alliance, along with other sportsmen’s groups, gamebird businesses and field trial clubs, have been in opposition to Senate Bill 723 since its introduction. Despite several amendments, the language in SB 723 is still vaguely written, and prohibits events that help control coyote numbers.

Take Action Today! Oregon sportsmen should call members of the House Rules Committee and ask them to vote NO on SB 723. Oregon members can call the committee members below.

  • Rep. Carl Wilson: 503-986-1403
  • Rep. Denyc Boles: 503-986-1419
  • Rep. Jennifer Williamson: 503-986-1436
  • Rep. Barbara Smith Warner: 503-986-1445

Senate Bill 723 still includes the terms “prohibits prizes” in connection with events where coyotes are killed. Because “prize” is not defined. Such nebulous language could be misconstrued to include just about anything of perceived value to a person – even a simple plaque passed between friends.

This tenuous language become magnified when you consider the penalties for violation; fines up to $2,000.   

“Senate Bill 723 is essentially about banning incentivized hunting, which is something state fish and game agencies employ nationwide when it comes to special-draw hunts, fishing derbies and, yes, even with coyotes when bounty programs are used,” said Bruce Tague, vice president of government affairs for Sportsmen’s Alliance. “Problem wildlife, such as overpopulated or suburban coyotes, require financial support. Either hunters purchase licenses, hunt them, and sometimes hold incentivized hunts, or towns, counties and the state pay nuisance control companies to kill coyotes using public funding. What proponents of this bill, and the many similar ones we’ve seen filed nationally, really object to is hunting. It doesn’t matter the method, they eventually want to end all hunting. Period.”

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