Colorado Citizen Petition to Ban Trapping Abandoned by Humane Society of the United States

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This week the Humane Society of the United States unexpectedly pulled their citizen petition to prohibit trapping that was to be voted on by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission. The petition proposed a ban on all forms of trapping, including live cage trapping. The petition was to be voted on later this week.

The Sportsmen’s Alliance, in coordination with a number of other sportsmen and conservation groups around the country and in Colorado, wrote letters and emails to each commission member asking that they vote against any and all changes to current trapping regulations.

In 1996, a ballot initiative in Colorado amended the state constitution to outlaw recreational trapping and all lethal traps, even live cage traps were banned for recreational purposes. Ten years later in 2006, sportsmen in Colorado scored a major victory when the Colorado Wildlife Commission voted to open a recreational cage-trapping season for bobcats and furbearers. These live trapping seasons for bobcats and furbearers will now lawfully continue due to the HSUS’ abandonment of their petition.

”Even though trapping is managed through scientifically based regulations that are strictly enforced by conservation officers in every state, it continues to be the number-one target of animal-rights activists across the country,” said Jacob Hupp associate director of state services at the Sportsmen’s Alliance. “While it remains unclear as to why the petition was pulled, we anticipate a similar attack in the near future and we will be ready to fight again.”

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