Coming to Terms with Technology

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Every shooter at some time—or nearly always—uses optics. From riflescopes to spotting scopes and binoculars, these optical aides can save you a lot of time and walking effort as you inspect targets from afar or take aim. If you want to improve your uses of any optics, you need to better understand the basics. One difficult topic—until now—is optics terminology. This site by Bushnell will help you learn the language.

For example, did you know there are four types of optics coatings? Have you ever thought about how the optics you use also fold the image being viewed? This site also covers prisms, optics design, and gives some pointers on digiscoping.

Should you have additional questions about optics or simply want to learn more, visit the Bushnell Resources page. You’ll find FAQs, articles and images of various products to help you better understand optics and their application in the shooting arena.