Congress Should Reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund

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Congress has the opportunity to reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) before they recess for the holidays, and every member should vote yes on one of the most important conservation and recreation programs in the country. Sportsmen’s Alliance members can contact their congressmen using the Legislative Action Center.

The LWCF was established in Congress in 1964 to safeguard our natural areas, water resources and cultural heritage, as well as provide recreation opportunities for all Americans. By investing money earned from offshore oil and gas leasing, the fund uses zero taxpayer dollars to preserve and protect our outdoors.

The LWCF was created to ensure access to our nation’s lands for recreational purposes, including hunting, fishing and trapping. According to the U.S. Interior Department, there are more than 37 million sportsmen in the United States who support more than 1 million jobs and generate more than $25 billion in retail sales annually. Access to public lands to hunt, fish and trap is the driving force behind these economic figures.   

Since 1965, the LWCF has provided matching grants to state and tribal governments to purchase and create public outdoor recreation areas. The grants have funded almost 42,000 projects nationwide with every county in the country having been a beneficiary of at least one project. To date, the funding for these projects is $3.9 billion dollars.

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