Finding a Place to Shoot

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If you count yourself among the millions of American gun owners, then the one thing you may need is a place to shoot. Your next move should be to visit Where to Shoot.

This comprehensive site covers everything from pointers for beginning shooters to a state-by-state shooting directory. There are updates that cover shooting-oriented events in most states, plus pointers on firearm safety. And before you go shooting, be certain to visit this site and download free targets to use during your range visit.

If you are interested in shooting, and would like to try shooting a handgun, visit this site to find a “First Shots” seminar near you. These events are low cost or free, fun, and information is provided in a safe and nonthreatening environment. These shooting events are very popular with female shooters and beginning shooters.

Finally, if you know how to shoot, but would like to improve your skills, visit Pull the Trigger. This free on-line publication provides useful pointers from topics such as shooting stance to how to safely carry your firearm at a gun range.

Increase your shooting fun and safety with a visit to these great sites.