Fly Fishing: Learn the How To Do It

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A recent research report by Southwick and Associates reveals that the number of anglers who go fly fishing in the U.S. is actually on the increase. This increase comes as other fishing pursuits are seeing declining participation numbers.

In the more hectic pace of today’s lifestyle, fly fishing forces anglers to slow down and concentrate more on the flow of the water instead of increasing the speed of a lure. Fly fishing destinations are also generally scenic, easy to reach, and the more remote destinations can become escapes from phones and computers. If you don’t know where to go, there are guides in nearly any destination that holds trout or other popular fly fishing destinations.

If you need more details (or if you’re looking for a great Christmas gift), consider this instructional DVD from Wright-McGill and Eagle Claw. The instruction covers casting, gear, landing a fish, and knots.