Get Organized and Go

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Let’s face it—a lot of pre-planning and packing is required when it’s time to head to the shooting range. There always seems to be so many items that need to be gathered and packed that most of your drive time to the range is spent fretting over what you possibly forgot. Now you can become better organized for any shooting event thanks to a free checklist provided by Gander Mountain.

Targets, shooting glasses and gloves all made the gear list. So did hand sanitizers so you can follow the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s guidelines for hand cleaning after any range shooting session. Gander Mountain also offers nearly a dozen other free gear checklists to help you prepare for any hunting adventure. This means less time worrying about things forgotten and more time focusing on the great adventure ahead.

Should you find that your firearm does not operate properly, this hunting and shooting gear retailer is also one of the nation’s largest sources of gunsmiths. You can visit a store (there’s a store locator section on the website) for more details or call 1-888-GANDER to speak to a gunsmith.

Finally, you can learn more about your firearm and improve your shooting skills with a visit to a Gander Mountain Shooting Academy. These training sessions cover many popular firearms topics and can include live fire or the use of simulators. The events are held at numerous locations across America. For additional details, visit Gander Mountain Academy. The academies also offers concealed carry classes and firearms fundamental courses. You owe it to yourself to make plans to attend.