HSUS Sets Their Sights on Kohl’s Department Stores

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The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is teaming up with the granddaughter of the founder of Kohl’s department stores, Dr. Jana Kohl,  to push for a “fur-free environment.”

HSUS submitted a proposal for their upcoming shareholder meeting asking Kohl’s to create a policy clearly stating the company’s future plans for banning animal fur sales.  HSUS claims that such a policy would lead the company away from the inhumane treatment of animals killed for their fur.

HSUS has fought many retail clothing stores with their “Fur-Free Campaign” that pushes department stores and others to end the use of fur in their clothing lines, instead pushing the use of synthetic materials.

According to Dr. Jana Kohl, “it brings me great sadness that my family name is associated with the fur business, an industry marked by such barbaric cruelty against animals that it’s nothing short of legalized torture.”

Kohl’s, a national department store chain headquartered in Wisconsin, is a leading family-focused, value-oriented, and specialty department store.

HSUS, which opposes hunting and trapping, animal agriculture, and most uses of animals, are number one on the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance “Dirty Dozen” list.