Key Vote on Pennsylvania Sunday Hunting Approaches

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On Monday, Oct. 28, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives is expected to take a key vote on Senate Bill 147, which would permit hunting on three Sundays. While this would not be the official vote in the House, the chamber will hear possible amendments, and clear the way for a final vote later this fall. 

Sportsmen’s Calls Are Needed! Pennsylvania sportsmen should call their state representative and ask them to vote YES SB 147. Remind them that this is a historic vote that has been over 300 years in the making. Members can contact their state representative by using the Sportsmen’s Alliance Legislative Action Center Directory.

It is essential that as the House considers Senate Bill 147, and any possible amendments, that your representatives hear from you that Sunday hunting should be legalized and that you favor Senate Bill 147. 

Senate Bill 147 has broad bipartisan support. On Oct. 21, the House Game and Fisheries Committee voted 21-4 in favor of the bill. On June 26, the Pennsylvania Senate similarly gave strong support to hunting on Sundays, approving the bill 36-14. Pennsylvania is one of only three states with severe restrictions on Sunday hunting – all neighboring states permit it. 

SB 147 would allow hunting on one Sunday during deer gun season, one during deer archery season and one Sunday to be determined by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. The bill also includes increases in penalties for trespassing. In addition to the Sportsmen’s Alliance, SB 147 is supported by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, National Rifle Association, Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs and Hunters United for Sunday Hunting.

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