Massachusetts Bills Allow for Sunday Hunting

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A pair of Massachusetts state representatives have introduced two bills that would open Sunday hunting opportunities in the Bay State.

  • HB 884, introduced by William M. Straus (D-10th Bristol), would allow for the use of archery equipment on Sundays.
  • HB 887, introduced by Alyson Sullivan (R-7th Plymouth), would allow Sunday hunting during deer season.

Take Action Today! Massachusetts sportsmen should contact their state representative and ask them to vote YES on House Bills 884 and 887. Members can contact their representative by using the Sportsmen’s Alliance Legislative Action Center.

Currently, both bills have been assigned to the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture where they await a hearing.

Massachusetts is one of just three states that has a near-total ban on hunting on Sundays. Maine and Pennsylvania are the only others. In recent years, states that had bans in place have lifted them without any complications. Those states include Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. The Pennsylvania legislature is currently debating a bill that would lift the ban there. With many Americans working six days a week, and families over committed on Saturdays, Sundays have become a premium day for hunters in other states. People in Massachusetts deserve the same opportunities.

Allowing hunting on Sundays is good for business, too. Massachusetts is small, hunters can easily travel to neighboring states that allow Sunday hunting, taking tourism dollars and expenditures across the state line to New York, Vermont or New Hampshire. Whether landowner or hunter, people should have the choice how to spend their Sundays, as nearly all citizens in every other state does. 

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