Meetings Set for New Mexico Trapping Regulation Proposal

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The New Mexico State Game Commission will host several meetings throughout October to discuss a proposal that establishes setbacks on trapping and bans land-sets on several areas of public land. The first meeting will be held at the Department of Game and Fish office, 215 York Canyon Rd, Raton, NM on Oct. 22 at 6 p.m.

Take Action Today! New Mexico members should attend these meetings, provide testimony and send in written comments to the New Mexico State Game Commission. Members can contact the commissioners by phone at (505) 476-8027 or by email at Future meetings can be found by clicking on the following link:

The commission will take public comment on a proposed rule that establishes setbacks of a half-mile from any trails, picnic areas, campgrounds and roadside rest areas. Additionally, several areas will be closed to land-set traps, including:

  • The Sandia Ranger District
  • The Eastern portion of Organ Mountain-Desert Peaks National Monument
  • Forest Service lands within ½ mile of NM Hwy 475 on the Santa Fe National Forest and NM Hwy 150 on the Carson National Forest

Despite requests, the commission has not been able to provide the total acreage affected by these restrictions.

Trapping setbacks, such as the ones under the new rule proposal, would negatively impact local wildlife and the safety and health of the general public as some furbearers carry diseases, like rabies, which can be contracted by other wildlife and humans. Federal and state wildlife experts agree that trapping is an essential aspect of wildlife management, and these proposed rules will push sportsmen farther and farther away from areas that need aggressive management. 

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