Nevada Bill Increases Trapping Restrictions

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The Nevada Assembly Committee on Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Mining has introduced Assembly Bill 473, which would ban the use of leghold traps and reduces trap check time to just 24 hours. Current Nevada law requires traps to be checked during a 96-hour period. The committee has not scheduled a hearing yet.

Take Action Today! Nevada members should contact their assembly member and ask them to vote NO on AB 473. Members can contact their assembly member by using the Sportsmen’s Alliance Legislative Action Center.

Trapping is utilized by state fish and wildlife agencies, the federal government and Canadian provinces to help control wildlife populations. Like hunting and fishing, trapping is strictly regulated by the Nevada Department of Wildlife. The leghold trap is one of the most effective and widely supported devices available to control furbearer populations, some of which can carry diseases if left unchecked.   

Additionally, AB 473 will add another hurdle for trappers by mandating a 24-hour trap check. Many Nevada trappers work full time jobs, traverse rough terrain to get to their traps, as well as travel many miles to each set.

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