New Hampshire Bill Threatens Shooting Ranges

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New Hampshire State Senators Jeanne Dietsch and Jay Kahn introduced Senate Bill 469, which allow long-standing shooting ranges to be shut down over noise complaints. While current law allows localities to regulate noise, it also includes protection for ranges that were already in existence. SB 469 removes this grandfather clause and would subject shooting range operators and users to fines if a shooting range does not adhere to all local noise ordinances. Additionally, the new language will allow individuals to take civil action against operators for a violation.  

Take Action Today! New Hampshire sportsmen should call their state senators and ask them to OPPOSE Senate Bill 469. New Hampshire members can contact their senators by using the Sportsmen’s Alliance Legislative Action Directory.

Senate Bill 469 will result in the closure of shooting ranges near towns. Access to shooting ranges are important for hunting and firearms safety. SB 469 encourages new homeowners to police law-abiding shooting ranges and requires that range users fire at a rate of no more than one round every two seconds. Not only is this language arbitrary and unenforceable, especially if more than one shooter is present, it also sets a harmful precedent by subjecting established organizations to fines, lawsuits by individuals and government overreach as a result of homeowner complaints, which could be politically motivated, biased and unfounded. 

“This legislation is an attempt to limit access to recreational shooting opportunities,” said Jacob Hupp, associate director of state services for Sportsmen’s Alliance. “Access to ranges is a key component in training new sportsmen and women, as well as maintaining safe hunting and shooting practices for everyone.”

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