New Hampshire Hobby Breeder Bill Headed for Final Negotiations

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Language included at the last minute into House Bill 2, the state’s budget bill, will regulate small kennels the same as like large-scale commercial breeders. Now that bill is headed for final negotiations between the House and Senate.

The language, which only received one public hearing when it was a stand-alone bill, removes the current definition of “commercial kennel” and replaces it with a new term “pet vendor.” In doing so, the language greatly reduces the number of animals allowed to be transferred from a kennel in any given year from 50 to 25 – which could regulate those who produce just two litters.

Even worse, it removes the requirement that a puppy be sold to count towards that threshold. As a result, even hobby breeders that never sell a single dog, but who transfer dogs to maintain high-quality blood lines, would be regulated with the same veracity as large-scale, commercial-breeding operations whose sole purpose is making a profit.

 “This language was dropped into the budget bill at the last minute, with no opportunity for the public to provide meaningful input,” said Luke Houghton associate director of state services for Sportsmen’s Alliance. “This language has nothing to do with the state’s budget and should be removed to protect sporting dog kennels and hobby breeders.”

Take Action Today! HB 2 is expected to have its first hearing in conference committee on June 17 at 1 p.m. in rooms 210 and 211 of the Legislative Office Building. New Hampshire sportsmen should call the members of the conference committee and ask them to remove the “pet vendor” language from HB 2.  

Conference Committee Members

Sen. Lou Dallesandro          603.271.2117 Rep. Mary Jane Wallner             (603) 225-5249
Sen. Dan Feltes                    603.271.3042 Rep. Douglas Ley                         (603) 532-8556
Sen. Cindy Rosenwald       603.271.4980 Rep. Patricia Lovejoy                  (603) 778-9662
Sen. John Reagan               603.271.4063 Rep. Sharon Nordgren               (603) 643-5068
Sen. Donna Soucy               603.271.3040 Rep. Susan Ford                          (603) 823-5609
Sen. Jay Kahn                      603.271.3077 Rep. David Luneau                      (603) 746-6484
  Rep. Joelle Martin                       (603) 672-0407
  Rep. Richard Ames                      (603) 532-6781
  Rep. Kenneth Weyler                  (603) 642-3518

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