New Hampshire Legislators Slam Door on Sportsmen

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Using an insider’s move to fast track legislation, a New Hampshire Senator inserted language into a budget bill that would treat many sporting dog kennels the same as commercial puppy selling businesses, burdening them with costs and regulations likely to shut down many law-abiding kennels.

A coalition of sportsmen and hobby breeders have been seeking help from legislative leaders to prevent the harmful language in House Bill 2 from being enacted. Instead, a committee of New Hampshire Senators and Representatives refused to help, making it much more likely the language will be part of the budget bills sent to Gov. Chris Sununu.

CALLS NEEDED! Sportsmen need to contact Gov. Chris Sununu’s office and ask him to veto House Bill 2. If the governor vetoes the bill in part because of this language, then New Hampshire sportsmen can still work to negotiate with legislators. 

Supporters of the language claim it would allow local towns to address hoarding situations that have been prominent in the news lately. Often municipalities are left footing the bill when hundreds of dogs are hoarded in filthy and abusive situations. However, the language in House Bill 2 would apply if a person transferred 25 only dogs. Hoarders don’t transfer dogs and aren’t likely to apply for a license while disregarding existing laws on cruelty and animal neglect. 

Meanwhile, law-abiding sporting dog kennels and hobby breeders will easily be lumped in with large commercial dog breeding facilities even if they don’t see many dogs. The accompanying regulations will even force some hobby breeders to apply for local zoning changes because the state labels them a business. Both sportsmen and hobby breeders had been working with legislators to find solutions to hoarding situations.

“Senators inserted the “Pet Vendor” language into House Bill to prevent public hearings from occurring in the House where the concerns of hunters and field trailers could be heard,” said Bruce Tague vice president of government affairs for Sportsmen’s Alliance. “This kind of maneuver may be common with politicians, but it cuts the public out of the process, and we hope Gov. Sununu will stand up for sportsmen and not reward this behavior.”

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