PETA Announces “Aquatic Angel” Drones to Stalk Anglers While in the Field

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According to a recent press release from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), anglers will now find themselves being stalked by anti-hunters thanks to PETA’s new “Aquatic Angel” drones.

The “Aquatic Angel” is the newest tool from the anti-hunting group, following the release of their “Air Angel” drones released in the spring of 2013 to stalk hunters in the field.

Described as a “submersible technology,” PETA plans to use the drones to stalk fishermen and “combat anglers who fish in restricted areas, catch protected species, and or chum for sharks illegally.” According to PETA, the group is currently recruiting members and supporters to field-test the new drones in all bodies of water.

PETA plans to use the new drones on National Hunting and Fishing Day this Saturday, or what they are referring to as “Fish Amnesty Day.”  The release boasts a “beware to hunters and anglers: PETA could be watching.”

“The announcement of these drones comes as no surprise as PETA will stop at nothing to gain headlines,” said Nick Pinizzotto, USSA president and CEO. “The anti-hunting community continues to harass, threaten, and interfere with hunters across the country, which only further distances them from what mainstream America considers rational.”

The hunting community has seen an increase in backlash from anti-hunters in recent years thanks in part to new technology such as drones and social media. Hunters are now finding themselves the victims of cyber-bullying and are seeing an increase in interferences while hunting and fishing.

Recognizing these problems, USSA joined forces with sportsmen, conservation organizations and outdoor personalities to initiate the Hunter Advancement Task Force to combat the growing threat to our outdoor heritage.

“The Hunter Advancement Task Force has been established to help stop these senseless attacks made against sportsmen,” explained Pinizzotto. “Using drones to interfere with hunting and fishing is a form of harassment and we will continue working to protect sportsmen across the nation from these threats.”