PETA Wants to Use Michael Jackson Tune to Help Rodents

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PETA is truly going to the rats! In an attempt to cash in on the recent death of megastar singer Michael Jackson, PETA is asking to use one of his songs in an effort to raise awareness about the plight of rodents.

PETA has already asked Michael Jackson’s family to allow the group to use the song “Ben”, one of Jackson’s early hits while still a member of the Jackson 5. The song, which was written for a 1972 horror film by the same name, is a ballad concerning the friendship between a lonely child and a pet rat.

According to the press, PETA executive vice president Tracy Reiman stated “Michael Jackson’s hit has always been a moving testament to the power of empathy for animals.” She went on to conclude, “If more people could be inspired by his song to stop supporting the cruel and ineffective animal-testing industry, it would be a fitting and enduring tribute to this talented performer.”