Texas: Calls Needed to Stop Attack on Outdoor Dogs

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A Texas bill making its way through the House of Representatives would create new requirements for dogs left outside unattended. House Bill 2562 would needlessly impact Texas sportsmen and all dog owners.

Under HB 2562 all dogs left outside unattended must have “continuous access” to adequate shelter, shade from direct sunlight and potable water. As currently written, these requirements would apply even for dogs that sleep inside a house but are put outside during the day. Owners could also be subject to charges for not providing an adequate dog house, even in weather that does not require shelter. The bill also leaves room for wide discretion in determining whether a dog house is adequate or not, and sportsmen should be concerned about the potential for over-enforcement by law enforcement and constant harassment by animal rights activists opposed to hunting with dogs.

Further, HB 2562 prohibits tethering a dog in a manner that “may cause the dog to become entangled.” As anyone who has ever had a dog even on a leash knows, any tether has the potential to become entangled, making this requirement more than unreasonable.

“This legislation would impose highly burdensome, confusing and unnecessary new requirements on responsible dog owners that have their dogs outside at any time, not just those that constantly house their dogs outside in a kennel or dog house,” said Adam Wright, USSA associate director of state services. “Texas already has laws on the books to deal with animal cruelty and neglect, and this legislation has the potential to criminalize good people who provide their dogs with a high level of care.”

Take Action! Texas sportsmen and dog owners need to contact their Representative today and voice opposition with HB 2562 as currently written. Please take just a few minutes to visit the USSA Legislative Action Center to get your representative’s contact information and make a quick phone call to their office.