Utah Law to Proactively Protect Big Game Herds Enacted

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Legislation in Utah has been enacted that grants the director of the Utah Division of Wildlife Services the ability to take more preventative and immediate action to reduce bear, coyote, cougar and bobcat populations that threaten the long-term outlook of big game herds, such as mule deer, elk, bighorn sheep, moose, pronghorn, mountain goats and bison. HB 125 was introduced in January 2020 by State Representative Carl Albrecht.

The Director of the Division of Wildlife Resources already had the ability to increase predator permits after big game herd numbers demonstrate a need for greater protection. This legislation would enhance the ability of the director to take immediate action to more proactively protect big game.

“Working proactively to keep predator and prey species balanced is sound wildlife management. Many predators have few, if any, natural enemies, and if not balanced with available, suitable, habitat and current populations of prey species, they can quickly wreak havoc on big-game herds that will take years to correct,” said Jacob Hupp associate director of state services at the Sportsmen’s Alliance. “The enacting of this law sets an excellent precedent for all western states to follow in addressing predator populations.”

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