Vermont House Committee Considers Four Anti-Hunting Bills

At the last possible minute, a Vermont legislative committee with a history of considering legislation targeting sportsmen has decided to hear four bills that would change the future of hunting, fishing and trapping in Vermont. Like all state legislatures during the time of COVID restrictions, the Vermont House has not been able to hold committees that allow voters to be present when votes impacting their lives are taken.

Now the Vermont House Committee on Hunting, Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife has settled its crosshairs on sportsmen. With absolutely no notice, the committee has announced it will consider four anti-hunting bills tomorrow, March 31.

Take Action! Vermont sportsmen can email Speaker Krowinski to ask for her help at Ask House Speaker Krowinski to put a stop to the attack on Vermont sportsmen and women.

House Bill 167 would create the Environmental Stewardship Board, which would include members from a wide range of organizations, including perhaps even anti-hunting and animal-rights activists. The new board would have the power to block and override the Secretary of the Fish and Wildlife Commission from implementing any rules and regulations impacting hunting, fishing and trapping.

House Bill 172 would completely ban all recreational trapping and the hunting of black bears with hounds.

House Bill 316 would require a bear hunter to keep their hounds in both visual and vocal command distance at all times or face heavy fines and the loss of hunting privileges. This unrealistic requirement is, in reality, a ban on hunting bears using dogs.

House Bill 411 initially appears to be a reasonable wanton waste bill that has good intentions, but issues exist with some of the language and species covered, such as requiring hunters to salvage the edible portions of crows, which are specifically listed.

“The complete lack of respect shown to Vermont sportsmen and women is an outrage,” said Bruce Tague, Sportsmen’s Alliance vice president of government affairs. “By providing little notice and no opportunity to be present for hearings, this committee is literally shutting out the voices of those who actually fund the cost of conservation. Vermont sportsmen are asking House Speaker Jill Krowinski to put a stop to the unjustified attack on hunters, anglers and trappers.”

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