Victory! Oregon Beaver Trapping Ban Fails

Oregon House Bill 2843, which would have prohibited the trapping of beavers on federally managed lands, failed when it did not meet a recent committee deadline. The Sportsmen’s Alliance worked with a diverse coalition of sportsmen’s groups in the state to oppose the bill.

In 2020, the Sportsmen’s Alliance worked with a broad coalition of sportsmen and agriculture groups to defeat two citizens’ petitions that were filed with the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission to end beaver trapping on public lands. After failing to push their proposal through the commission, the proponents of a ban regrouped and focused their efforts on the legislature. This is now the third time in less than a year an attempt to ban beaver trapping on federal lands in Oregon has been considered.

“Beaver trapping in Oregon continues to be attacked by anti-hunting and -trapping groups with no scientific evidence to back up their attacks,” said Jacob Hupp, associate director of state services at the Sportsmen’s Alliance. “The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s expert biologists continue to stand their ground and refuse to be bullied. The Alliance applauds and supports them and will continue to support their efforts to retain this important management tool.”

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